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SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise Released

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2015 -Brainzsquare has launched SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise, an integrated disk wiping management solution that has been catered for enterprise environments. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise (SE) makes it possible to manage the wiping process of disks may be widely spread or in remote locations, making it an effective solution for disposing or reusing old computers and hard drives.

By using SE, users are able to initiate the wiping process for specific disks via download. The process has been streamlined and provides a one-click wiping system. Once users download the software to their computer, they launch the program, select the disk they would like to wipe and click start. The administrator can preset the wiping algorithm and wiping policy for user-activated wiping which will wipe all data including the OS. Meanwhile, the administrator can monitor the process once the wiping begins from the management console. Aside from user-activated wiping, the administrator can also forcibly wipe entire computers without having to grant users administrative rights through remote deployment. All logs and reports which include detailed PC and disk information can be gathered once the wiping process has finished.

SE utilizes various military grade algorithms such as Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) and Gutmann algorithms which can overwrite the data up to thirty-five times. Various disk types such as ATA/IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, and firewire can all be wiped as well. Unlike many similar wiping solutions, SE ditches the overly complicated interface by not requiring any additional BiOS or OS setup, having the ability to launch straight from Windows and allowing for simultaneous wiping of hundreds of disks.

“It is important to wipe disks immediately after they have been decommissioned. When old drives and computers are sent to storage or outsourced to a disk destruction services, they are at their most vulnerable state. We believe that our product makes it possible to wipe disks the instant they are no longer being used. The user or administrator can activate the wiping process with just one click before leaving the office and have a completely wiped drive the next morning, ready to be moved to storage or transported elsewhere. It is incredibly easy to use and the entire process is managed and monitored as well,” stated Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

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SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0 (UMS) Released

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 17, 2014 –Brainzsquare has released SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0 (UMS), an integrated solution purpose-built for enterprise environments. The new technology leverages SECUDRIVE USB Basic+, a hardware encrypted USB, as well as USB Office+ and CAD+ for additional security protection.

UMS provides a variety of security features, including asset and password policy management, and IP protection to disable functions such as copy and paste, clipboard copying, screen capture, and printing. The solution also delivers inactive USB locking, remote destruction, real-time monitoring, USB logging, and real-time malware monitoring and protection. Ideal for enterprise use, UMS delivers Windows Active Directory (AD) integration and multiple security policies in separated network environments, including secure data transport for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) USBs, which can also be restricted for use with specific AD user accounts.

“UMS provides various options to remotely manage IP protected USBs as well as hardware encrypted USBs for  various enterprise network environments and their increasing security needs,” said, Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare, Inc. “Employees can work with the secure USBs transparently while corporate IP is protected from both insider and outsider threats. This means customers will see a considerable improvement in the level of security with minimum loss of work efficiency.”

Security policies can be set for the intranet and extranet by installing UMS on different servers in separate network environments. For instance, USB Office+ can be calibrated on the intranet and IP protection features disabled to allow for a more efficient workflow. While online, strict IP protection features can be set by administrators to safeguard the security and privacy of enterprise users. If data is not required to be removed, SECUDRIVE IP protected USBs enable the safe transportation of data from VDI environments.

In addition, to help protect files stored on a flash drive from malware infection, SECUDRIVE USB Products feature Trend Micro’s antivirus program, Trend Micro USB Security (TMUSB). UMS also has the ability to update TMUSB’s pattern file locally for closed networks.

Trend Micro and Trend Micro USB Security are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trend Micro, Inc. Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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SECUDRIVE USB Management Server Release Notes

The latest version of SECUDRIVE USB Management Server has been released. (05/08/2016)
4.0 Version Release (04/05/2016)
svcmng.dll(v3.6.4.601) updated (02/11/2016)
svcmng.dll(v3.6.2.588) updated (12/14/2015)
Added policy to stop leakage protection feature about copy protection USB memory, Office +/CAD+ when online
Fixed error to import/export failure when the file size is 16Byte
Fixed error when installing PC certification program(MSI package) on network drive
svcmng.dll(v3.6.2.585) updated (12/3/2014)
Added File export and import feature
Added TMUSB OFF feature (09/04/2014)
Program release
Combined SUMS and SUMT
Added Features:
Active Directory (AD) integration
AD account name and PC username comparison
TMUSB local update
Inative USB locking
Offline Security question password reset
File Copy Filter
Read-only when USB cannot communicate with server (07/21/2014)
Added file logging feature to SECUDRIVE USB Basic+
svcmng.dll( updated
Added DRM Policy lift feature for specified computer (04/13/2014)
Fixed master token detection issue in Windows 8.1
Added individual policy feature for each usb flash drive
SECUDRIVE USB Basic+ now supports Mac OS
OpenSSL Library(1.0.1g) updated
svcmng.dll( updated
Fixed the program for remote desktop environment
svcmng.dll( update
Added offline authentication for the TMUSB anti-virus program license
svcmng.dll( update
Message modification
Program release

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SECUDRIVE Secure USB products embed “Trend Micro USB Security™ 2.0”

Brainzsquare Co. Ltd. is introducing a new lineup of SECUDRIVE USB with “Trend Micro USB Security (TMUSB) 2.0” vaccine program, provided by Trend Micro Inc.

Equipped with AES 256bit hardware encryption chip, SECUDRIVE USB is targeting individuals with various security utilities and corporate with copy protection and policy management features.

With TMUSB 2.0 embedded, SECUDRIVE USB prevents viruses and malicious codes from invading the USB memory and terminates such threat when detected. Free pattern analysis and engine update is provided for one year from the date of purchase. The license can be renewed each year.

[ SECUDRIVE lineup with TMUSB 2.0 ]

• SECUDRIVE USB Personal V SD 200 Series:
Secure USB for privacy protection with auto-login, PC lock, secure backup, file eraser, hide folder utility embedded.
• SCUDRIVE USB Basic V SD200 Series :
Secure USB for work purposes that does not require any driver or software installation or administrator rights.
• SECUDRIVE USB Enterprise V SD200 Series:
Secure USB memory for enterprises that can set copy protection policy, data leakage control, file, and USB usage log with an exclusive management program
• SECUDRIVE USB Office V SD200 Series:
Copy-protected USB, suitable for delivering MS Office documents to partner companies with usage period and usage control.
Copy-protected USB, suitable for delivering CAD files to partner companies with usage period and usage control.

• TMUSB website:

SECUDRIVE USB Drive Security & Management:

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A Checklist to Buy Secure USB Drives for Businesses

1. Hardware Encryption
Encrypting data is one of the basic features of a secure USB drive. There are two different types of encryption methods, software, and hardware; the main difference between the two is the location of the decipher key. While the software encryption method stores the decipher key on the PC, leaving it vulnerable to virus and hacking, the hardware encryption method keeps the decipher key on the USB drive to reduce the risk of it being exposed. If you are handling confidential or exposure-sensitive files, you should think about purchasing a hardware encrypted secure USB drive.

2. Automatic Self-Destruction Against Brute Force Attack
One of the simplest ways to hack into the secured information is by entering every possible combination until a match on the password is found. This is called the “brute force attack”. In order to prevent illegal access methods, the USB drive needs have a function where the data is completely deleted after a set amount of incorrect password attempts. Make sure your secure USB drive has safeguards against brute force attack.

3. Embedded with Vaccine Program for USB Drive
There are many factors that increase the chances of virus infection; the most influential factor is on how often the USB drive gets connected to an unreliable computer (i.e. public places, schools, libraries, and airports). Once infected, the USB drive acts as a host to infect other PCs. This is extremely dangerous, especially when the infected USB drive is connected to PCs that are connected to lab equipment or contains confidential data. The most efficient way to defend the USB drive from virus infection is to embed a vaccine program

on the USB drive. Anti-virus for USB drive is absolutely necessary when it comes to protecting your private data and files.

4. Need for Copy Protection
The basic function of a secure USB drive is to encrypt data, thus, preventing data leakage when lost or

stolen. However, sometimes those with access to the files would copy the shared files using a USB drive or external hard drive. In this case, the data stored on the USB drive could be saved to the local PC without any trouble.

To prevent data leakage through a friend, coworker or family member, copy protection is ideal. Although the copy protection function is optional, it is necessary to keep those who might be closer to you, out of your private life.

5. Do I need administrative USB drive?

Usually, secure USB drives are purchased by the company and given out to the employees. In which case, each USB drive is independently protected against copy protection, and the individuals become responsible for any leakage accidents.

The administrative USB drive is suitable for companies with a security administrator; the administrator controls every USB drive in the entire company with his own configured security policy. With the administrative USB drive, the security administrator can control password, copy protection, log collection, prevent data leakage, restore password, validity period and number of uses.

6. Reusable with Initialization Tool 
What happens when you forget your password to access the USB drive? Some secure USB drives are not allowed to be initialized, meaning you have to buy a new one. Others are reusable right after initialization but the data will be lost.

Make sure to purchase a replacement secure USB drive or buy one that can be initialized.