A New Secure Data Erasure Solution for Businesses, Secudrive Drive Eraser

We launched Secudrive Drive Eraser, a new USB-type secure data erasure solution for businesses, into the market on July 21.

Secudrive Drive Eraser is an improvement and a replacement of existing Secudrive Sanitizer Portable. The new solution provides a more convenient user interface and user-friendly functions for various applications from small businesses to large enterprises or data destruction service companies.

Easy Operation. Secudrive Drive Eraser makes it possible to completely erase all data, including the operating system by running the .exe file in Windows login state. This feature enables even general users, not IT specialists, to completely wipe their computer themselves. After wiping the computers, businesses can freely dispose of, reuse, or resell them without having to worry about data leakage. Not many vendors provide this feature.

One for all. Secudrive Drive Eraser can also wipe computers piled up in storage without a network connection. It provides USB booting and CLI (Command Line Interface) mode to erase Windows, Linux, Mac in various situations. USB flash drives, external hard drives, and SSD (Solid State Drive) connected to the PC can be wiped as well. For wiping SSDs, it supports the ‘Secure Erasure’ function to protect the life of SSDs. We provide this feature as a default.

High-speed erasure operation. You can erase multiple PCs at the same time: You insert the USB flash drive into the target PC to run the erase program. After starting the program, you can unplug it from the PC and plug it into another PC to perform another erasing operation. Once you have set up your company’s standard erase operation for the first time, you will be able to do it without any additional setup. Also, if multiple drives are connected to one PC, they can be wiped in parallel to maximize the erase speed.

Convenient add-ons. Before erasing, it shows estimated operation time according to the selected drive and algorithm.  It provides a %-type S.M.A.R.T. index to check if the drive can be reused and a hexadecimal view to verify the operation.

Logs and Reports. Finally, once the erase operation is completed, the log is saved to USB and managed collectively. It is possible to trace the operation history according to each operator. Secudrive Drive Eraser also provides tamper-proof reports on computer information, drive information, and erase operation information. You can export reports as HTML, CSV, or pdf files to integrate with enterprise asset management systems and prepare for post-audits.

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