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[Secure USB Series ④] USB Drive Central Management Solution

Central management of USB drives within companies is becoming a big issue of interest. As long as companies use USB drives, they need to be carefully managed in order to prevent information leaks in the enterprise. The USB drives should be managed so that administrators are aware of who is using which flash drive and what they are doing with it, if it has been lost, or if it is being used in accordance to the security policy.

These products have functions such as password set and reset, remote deletion and decommissioning in case of loss or theft, collection and analysis of file-related logs, and remote update of software and files. They also have functions to specify the location of the secure USB based on the connected IP address or to limit access only to authorized IP addresses. In addition, different security policies are set according to online and offline situations, so that when the secure USB drive is used outside the company, information leakage is prevented.

Representative products include Secudrive UMS , DataLocker SafeConsoleIronkey EMS, and Kanguru KRMC. Generally, the solutions are designed to manage secure USB flash drives sold by each company. DataLocker SafeConsole supports central management service for DataLocker Sentry products, some Kingston DataTraveler products and Cardware SafeToGo USB drives and external hard drives. Ironkey, Kanguru, and Secudrive products support their own USB flash drives, respectively. Secudrive UMS additionally supports Secudrive USB Office+/ CAD+, a business file copy-protected USB drive product, and includes user rights management for copy/print/screen capture/network transfer.

Central management service use is limited to each company’s own secure USB drive products; therefore, it depends on which secure USB drive is used.

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