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Managing USB drives is Critical for any Organization

SECUDRIVE has launched a new secure USB management solution, USB Management Server (UMS) 3.0.

If your employees are using USB drives within your organization, it is important to realize that the convenience of USB drives is coupled with inherent security risks.

USB drives are extremely portable and are able to store large amounts of data, but that can often be their downfall. More so if an employee pulls a “Snowden-like” incident.

In order to mitigate these risks, encryption, careful management, and intellectual property protection (IP) technology should be leveraged in order to protect data.

Features of SECUDRIVE UMS 3.0

  • Remote management: Asset & password policy management, USB locking, remote destruction, real-time monitoring, USB logging, and real-time malware monitoring and protection.
  • IP protection using rights management for copy, print and screen capture functions
  • Windows Active Directory integration
  • Multiple security policies in a separated network environment


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SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0 (UMS) Released

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 17, 2014 –Brainzsquare has released SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0 (UMS), an integrated solution purpose-built for enterprise environments. The new technology leverages SECUDRIVE USB Basic+, a hardware encrypted USB, as well as USB Office+ and CAD+ for additional security protection.

UMS provides a variety of security features, including asset and password policy management, and IP protection to disable functions such as copy and paste, clipboard copying, screen capture, and printing. The solution also delivers inactive USB locking, remote destruction, real-time monitoring, USB logging, and real-time malware monitoring and protection. Ideal for enterprise use, UMS delivers Windows Active Directory (AD) integration and multiple security policies in separated network environments, including secure data transport for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) USBs, which can also be restricted for use with specific AD user accounts.

“UMS provides various options to remotely manage IP protected USBs as well as hardware encrypted USBs for  various enterprise network environments and their increasing security needs,” said, Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare, Inc. “Employees can work with the secure USBs transparently while corporate IP is protected from both insider and outsider threats. This means customers will see a considerable improvement in the level of security with minimum loss of work efficiency.”

Security policies can be set for the intranet and extranet by installing UMS on different servers in separate network environments. For instance, USB Office+ can be calibrated on the intranet and IP protection features disabled to allow for a more efficient workflow. While online, strict IP protection features can be set by administrators to safeguard the security and privacy of enterprise users. If data is not required to be removed, SECUDRIVE IP protected USBs enable the safe transportation of data from VDI environments.

In addition, to help protect files stored on a flash drive from malware infection, SECUDRIVE USB Products feature Trend Micro’s antivirus program, Trend Micro USB Security (TMUSB). UMS also has the ability to update TMUSB’s pattern file locally for closed networks.

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