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How to use the SECUDRIVE Assistant Service program

The SECUDRIVE Assistant Service program provides the two features listed below.

1. This program allows a user to run the login program of SECUDRIVE USB drives automatically.

SECUDRIVE USB drives are set to run the login program automatically. However, with the advent of auto-run viruses, many OS and vaccine programs now forcibly block the auto-run feature on USB drives. Because of this, a user has to manually run the login program in the CD-ROM area of a USB drive, making it unquestionably inconvenient.
SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection is a security solution for normal USB drives and the protected content is saved into the secure zone of the USB drive. When a user accesses the secure zone, the user has to manually run the login program due to the disabled auto-run feature by the OS and the vaccine programs on the user’s PC. To solve this inconvenience, we provide the SECUDRIVE Assistant Service program which only enables the auto-run feature on SECUDRIVE USB drives.

2. When you use SECUDRIVE USB drives on a remote desktop (RDP) or VDI environment, by installing this program you can run the login program of the USB drive without administrator privileges.

By connecting to the SECUDRIVE Assistant Service-installed PC through RDP or VDI, you can run the login program without administrator privileges on SECUDRIVE USB drives. In contrast, if you connect to the PC where the SECUDRIVE Assistant Service program has not been installed through RDP or VDI, you will need to run the login program with the “run as administrator” option when you want to use the USB drive.

1. Unzip the file and you will see an installation file.

2. Install the program by clicking the installation file.

3. After completing the installation of the SECUDRIVE Assistant Service program, plug in a SECUDRIVE USB drive and you will see the login window pop up automatically.

4. If you do not want to use SECUDRIVE Assistant Service, go to “Start > All Programs > SECUDRIVE Assistant Service” and run the program.

5. You will see the message below. Click “Yes” and the login program for the SECUDRIVE USB will not automatically run when you plug in the USB drive.

6. Go to start menu and run SECUDRIVE Assistant Service to use the program again.

Once you install SECUDRIVE Assistant Service on the PC, you can use SECUDRIVE USB drives without administrator privileges on RDP or VDI environments regardless of auto-run features. To learn about how to use SECUDRIVE Assistant Service on RDP or VDI environments, refer to the link below.

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