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How to Protect Your Design Files from Being Copied

You’re not alone. Countless designers today send their clients preliminary design passes for feedback with almost no protection for their files. This is not to say all clients have malicious intent, but designers should be aware and take safety measures for their work. Imagine sending photographs to a client via a USB drive for review, only to have them copied onto the client’s computer without the consent of the photographer. Only the photographer loses in this trade.

To prevent any unauthorized activity when shipping work to their clients, designers should consider security measures like copy protection and password authentications for their work. SECUDRIVE USB CAD is a hardware encrypted, copy protected, and password authenticated USB drive that is compatible with a variety of CAD and design applications to suit designers everywhere.
SECUDRIVE USB CAD works by having the administrator (that’s you, designer) initially set up the USB drive with a personal password and security policy settings. Security policy settings include copy protection, screen capture prevention, and print control with options such as customizable watermark printing.

Compatibility with a variety of applications
By selecting or registering a specific CAD or design application from the setup list, only the selected apps will be able to access the files. The specified apps will have the security policies applied to them, preventing the receiver (the client) from copy and pasting or use any other copy functions or tools while having access to the designs. Also, files cannot be taken out of the USB drive unless it is on the administrator’s PC, giving additive security to your work.

Password authentication to protect the contents from being viewed by just anyone
Password authentication prevents anyone without the correct password from accessing the files inside the USB drive, even in the event the USB drive is lost or stolen. After ten incorrect password attempts, SECUDRIVE USB CAD will automatically delete all the data stored and will become unusable unless reset on the administrator’s PC. Along with hardware encryption and virus vaccination program to prevent malware and virus infections, SECUDRIVE USB CAD is an important tool for anyone distributing important and maybe even confidential design files to clients.

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SECUDRIVE File Server CAD Released

Brainzsquare announces the release of SECUDRIVE File Server CAD, a copy protection solution for design file storage servers into the market. This solution is specifically designed to bring the strongest copy protection for CAD files and is compatible with various CAD applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and more. Designers can now securely store their important designs on file servers SECUDRIVE File Server CAD.

Sunnyvale, CA-October 14, 2013- Brainzsquare announces the release of SECUDRIVE File Server CAD, a copy protection solution for design file storage servers into the market. This solution is specifically designed to bring the strongest copy protection for CAD files and is compatible with various CAD applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and more.

Design is an immense part of our growing society, and new innovations are what push us forward. Such designs are kept highly confidential within the company and designers are kept under a strict non-disclosure agreement until the release date. But what if the design files are leaked by an employee? Internal data leakage can severely damage a company’s business and reputation and companies need to be warier of how their design files are used and by whom.

SECUDRIVE File Server CAD is designed to prevent internal data leakage with a strong copy protection system for file servers. By applying this solution to the file server, data stored in the shared folder of the file server cannot be copied to the local disk or removable disk unless allowed by the administrator, preventing unauthorized copy. Other copy and paste functions such as Clipboard copy and paste, Save As function, and screen capture tools are disabled when the file is accessed. Administrators can also disable printing or customize printing with watermarks.

This solution also provides user identification and authentication feature. Only the users who have the client program installed on the PC are able to access the file server. With a detailed event log recording the time, date, user, file accessed, and action taken, administrators can monitor the status of their design files in real time. Files that are copied out with permission from the administrator are automatically backed up for security auditing purposes.

“SECUDRIVE File Server CAD is specifically designed to securely store design files and prevent unauthorized copying and leakage within a company. With copy protection, access authentication, detailed logs, and a manager program, company administrators can easily protect their important design files from internal leakage,” said Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

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Data Security for Offline Situations in VDI

One of the data security trends for enterprises that companies use today is a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). More and more companies are converting their systems into a VDI environment because internal data leakage prevention is one of the main benefits, in addition to the reduction of the total cost of ownership.
However, VDI environments have a couple of issues that should be considered. One of the biggest concerns of corporate VDI environment is the no-network issue. VDI works by allowing a user to connect to the VDI server from their own computer via the network.

But what if an employee needs to use the data in a no-network environment while working outside the office or on a business trip? If the network is down or too slow to run the VDI environment successfully, the employee cannot work due to all the files and apps being stored on the VDI server-side, thus counterproductive. There is almost nothing the employee can do without a network connection in a VDI environment.

Up to date, some companies have tried to alleviate this issue by preparing additional laptops specifically for employees who work outside of the office or go on business trips. Companies have also set the offline mode for employee computers and installed applications to allow them to work in a no-network environment. However, these current solutions present serious internal data leakages which are counter functional. To solve that issue, companies have installed security software onto offsite specific laptops in addition to the VDI environment to prevent any security risks while also offering options of having offsite employees sign an official security agreement without installing additional security software on the laptops. This option is not safe at all because once an internal data leak occurs it is very difficult to stop the spread of the information.

Sound complicated? It can be very difficult to manage this business trip and offsite specific laptops, especially if the company is large. Administrators would have to register, store, and wipe each laptop every time it is used outside the office for the most optimum results. Think of the cost as well. The current VDI environment trend is not very cost-effective due to the need for additional security software for offline workers. This can lead to a very complicated and overpriced solution that is difficult to manage by company administrators.

Now there is an alternative; SECUDRIVE USB Office+ is designed to solve both these problems. For one, SECUDRIVE USB Office+ has leakage prevention security features that are stronger and more cost-efficient than a lot of the security software for laptops out there. Once a file is saved into the device, the user can only edit or save it back into the USB. When an employee saves a file into the device preparing for a business trip, the file can only be accessed inside the USB’s virtual drive, keeping the data safe. When the device is back in the office, the edited file is uploaded from the USB to the VDI environment and the user can continue to use the files.

Secondly, USB drives are more easily manageable than laptops, but in addition to that, SECUDRIVE also carries SECUDRIVE USB Management Tool/Server, a USB management program which records USB activity in a file event log, allowing administrators to monitor and audit their files. Administrators can also remotely render registered USB drives unavailable, disallowing users of the USB Office+ to be able to login. Using the two together, administrators can more easily register USB drives, monitor activity, and manage security settings from their own computer.
With a stronger and more convenient copy protection feature that works in offline environments, SECUDRIVE USB Office+ is one of the best alternative solutions for internal data leakage preventions out in the market.

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