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How to Delete the Hard Drive and the OS

Even after I emptied the recycle bin and formatted the PC, why would I need to use deletion software when I dispose of my old PC?

Well, the answer is simple: Because even after all you just did, I could still recover everything you have entered on your computer.

We obliviously store everything on our computers. So, knowing how to handle confidential data and personal information such as your bank account number, financial data, bank card number and private information is an essential precaution you have to take, in order to protect your personal information against data leakage or theft. Many people believe that formatting their PC hard drive will remove all of their input information. But the truth of the matter is, just because you can no longer see the file, it doesn’t mean it is gone. File traces are digitally left behind on the OS and potential ‘data thieves’ are able to recover your confidential data that was supposedly ‘deleted.’

You need to have hard drive deletion software.

For safe PC disposal, you need to have some sort of deletion software that will completely delete all of the information on the PC. There is deletion software that uses a constant number deletion mechanism, in which the entire sector is overwritten once by a predetermined constant value. What does that mean? It simply means that your recycle bin or your confidential data will get completely wiped clean using the algorithm to overwrite the data that was stored in your hard drive. This deletion mechanism causes all file traces unrecoverable and completely deletes the digitally stored data in the hard drive, thus, preventing data loss or confidential information recovery after PC disposal.

Where can I get deletion software, that won’t hurt my wallet?

We provide a FREE deletion software, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free that uses the same deletion algorithm as stated above. It also has the capability to detect bad sectors and efficiently delete the hard drive until completion. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free adopted the automatic deletion mechanism to completely delete all of the data and file traces, giving the user safe hard drive disposal at home.

Compared to other hard drive deletion software, that requires you to make a decision every time a bad sector is found or make you wait for hours just to get you disappointed with an error message in the end, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free keeps deleting until the deletion process is completed (pretty hardworking program in my opinion)! When a bad sector is detected in the hard drive by this software, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free automatically skips the sector until the total deletion of the hard drive is complete.

(Secudrive Sanitizer Free for individual use is not available. We only provide Secudrive Drive Eraser for businesses, a commercial version of it, now. 08/23/2019)