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How to Block Off Smartphones Connected to Your PC.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and if you don’t, then you should probably get our from under the rock and get with the times. I mean, if we took the DeLorean back twenty years ago and showed our parents an iPhone, I think their head would explode.

We use it for everything, ranging from Email and web browsing to updating your Facebook status and video searching your favorite cat videos. But what most people tend to ignore is that your phone can be infected which could be disastrous if you work through your phone as many of us do. Luckily, infection through your SECUDRIVE Device Control installed PC will no longer be an issue by blocking the connection from your phone to the PC.

Depending on the type of connection between a smartphone and the PC, a single smartphone can be ‘connected’ to your PC in a variety of ways.
There are four ways to connect to the PC for smartphones that use the Android OS.

1. Connected as a removable disk-Connected as a ‘Removable Disk Drive’ on ‘My Computer’.

2. Connected as MTP-Connected as a portable device on ‘My Computer’.

3. Connected as PTP-Connected as a camera on ‘My Computer’.

4. Tethered- Connected as a virtual network and you can access the Internet with a smartphone.

Because almost all of the device control programs only control disk drives, if a single device such as a smartphone is converted into various types and connected, it is vulnerable to security threats because it is difficult to block all of its connections.

Even if a smartphone sets up the connection in some way with the SECUDRIVE Device Control installed PC, the Device Control program will block the device, causing the device not to show up on ‘My Computer’ and cannot be used. Even with the management program (Kies or iTunes) provided by the smartphone manufacturing company, you will not be able to connect with your smartphone.

But what if I still want to select connections to still be allowed?

If you want to allow a certain type of connection in specified smartphones, register the smartphone with the desired connection mode in the settings of the Device Control to connect. On the Policy Management menu, if you register your smartphone, only the smartphone model registered by the administrator will be given a license to be connected and used in the registered mode of connection.

If you’re wondering how SECUDRIVE Device Control works in blocking off smartphones, try the trial program and see for yourself.

*SECUDRIVE Device Control will be installed as a trial program and can be deleted at any time. After 30 days, the program will be automatically deleted from the PC.
** Control of all smartphones that use the Android OS is the same except the LG Optimus
*** Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Computers that use iOS will block the connection and preventing iTunes from connecting.